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We are a team of passionate web developers and designers dedicated to providing the most cost effective and best solution(s) for your business.

Whether you're a business or an individual that's just starting out in the online world, or you're just looking to add something to your current solution; we've got you covered!

With 9 years of experience in the IT industry, we can provide you with any kind of solution you might need for your business.


Have a look at some of the services we provide:

SEO Services

Looking to boast the SEO on your website? Well look no further! We can help you improve your website's page ranking, and visibility on the internet. Which in turn, helps you get more traffic and generate more business.

Recycling Web App

Looking to get your own recycling/buyback website developed? We can offer you a fully custom tailored front-end and back-end solution to you for your business. Get in touch with us now to get a quote!

Accounting Solutions

Knowing which product(s) are making you the most profit can be a gamechanger! That's where our reporting software comes in; we can help you analyze any and all aspects of your business. All packaged in one light-weight and user-friendly web app!

Custom Web App

Have an idea for your business? Need a custom web app solution for your business? Let us help you get it out of your brain and onto your screen!

Speed Optimizations

No one likes long loading times and slow apps! That's exactly why we offer speed optimization services for your website or app.

Security Hardening

Security is considered to be a very essential aspect of your website or web app! Let us manage your website's security for you.

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Price Comparison Software

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Price Comparison Software

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Mobile Phones Factory

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Red Unlocking

Mobile Phones Unlocking Web App

Axis Management System



Family Medics

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Phimago Mart

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